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Magnetic beads

´╗┐Magnetic beads

Do magnetic beads really have therapeutic powers? Humans have worn beads for many thousands of years. In fact, latest discoveries from archeological sites date the earliest proofs of beads to be 100,000 years old. The most common explanation that would surface is that beads are worn for self-adornment. However, beads in many cultures of the world are used in rituals and are even regarded as sacred, such as Rudraksha beads, which the Hindus believe to come from the tears of their Lord Shiva.

On the lighter side of things, magnetic beads also serve the purpose of convertible fashionable accessories. Many beaders actually are having fun creating jewelry wraps since no clasps are necessary to close the piece. Stringing the magnetic beads onto a nylon cord or SoftFlex of any length, then put the wraps together and the magnetic attraction will hold them in place. These beads are natural magnets so it’s viable to experiment on fun designs without the hassle of putting in clasps or doing overhand knots to close the wraps.

In other instances, beads are not just worn as a simple piece of jewelry. Beads that are magnetic are thought to have healing properties. Some people who have tried putting on magnetic beads to relieve pain do attest this. Research has revealed that magnetic jewelry items like bracelets as well as other magnetic therapy products are potent alternatives to effectively relieve pain without the use of medicines.

Although it has not become a trend, yet, professional sports trainers, chiropractors, and professional golfers are trying out the effectiveness of magnetic therapy through magnetic beads to help in the treatment of sports-related injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, neck pain, tennis elbow, forms of inflammation, to reduce high blood pressure, and likewise relieve general body pains and aches.

The idea of the therapeutic powers of magnetic stones is not a modern concept. Like beads, this is a thousands-year-old belief that traces its roots to the Egyptians, Asians, Hebrew, Indian, Greeks, and European. The early people from these civilizations have resorted to naturally magnetic stones in their holistic medicine. However, this concept reached the shores of the United States only in the past few years.

Moreover, magnetic therapy through magnetic beads is used to enhance the body’s natural healing process in relieving body pains and discomfort. Although this idea still has to be substantiated by Science, applying magnetic therapy over the affected or injured portion is believed to increase blood flow to reduce inflammation as well as enhance the body’s natural healing powers. The magnetic properties of Hematite stones, in the meantime, are believed to generate a paramagnetic field that blocks any signals of pain to the brain.

So aside from being worn as jewelry, magnetic beads in form of jewelry items are currently being looked into as alternative medicine in countries such as Japan, China, Austria, India and Germany to alleviate pain symptoms and promote healing.

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