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Muscle Pain

Almost everyone has faced aching or sore muscles. Muscle pain ranges from mild to excruciating and can also affect a small part or your whole body. Most muscle pains and aches go away on their own within a short period. However, there are some pains that can linger for a long time and can be in any part of the body. The most important thing is to solve this problem before it makes it difficult to handle your daily activities. This is why we offer comprehensive treatment and care at Wellness In Motion Chiropractic Center.

Causes Of Muscle Pain

Stress, minor injuries, overuse, and tension are common cause of muscle pain. In such cases, the pain experienced affects a small part of the body or a few muscles. There is a different muscle pain where the pain is systemic. The patient experiences pain in all the muscles of the body due to illness, an infection or medication side effects. Some of the common conditions that might lead to muscle pain include chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle cramp, muscle pull, myofascial pain syndrome, strain injuries and rheumatoid arthritis among many others.

When To See A Medical Specialist

Muscle pain resulting from minor injuries will mostly go away with simple home remedies and treatments. If the pain is as a result of severe injuries or illness, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. If you are experiencing extreme weakness in your muscles, stiff neck, high fever, trouble breathing or dizziness, you might want to seek medical care. In case you have been bitten by a tick, have a rash, experiencing muscle pain after an exercise, or after taking certain medication, or have signs of infection, you should schedule a visit to a medical practitioner.

Our Treatment

Wellness In Motion Chiropractic Center is dedicated to providing non-invasive treatment methods that are aimed at restoring your healthy body back to natural fitness. Our expert doctor is highly trained and experienced in handling different health conditions through physical and massage therapy. There are little to no sides with these effective treatments. Different cultures have used similar therapies for ages. These techniques have become more effective especially with modern equipment and increased medical knowledge.

Muscle pain, whether from minor injuries or infections and illnesses, can limit your ability to go on with your daily routine. This is why you need to have the problem assessed by an expert as soon as possible. Our treatment methods use a wide variety of physical medicine techniques and equipment to make sure that our patients are living a life free of pain or discomfort.  Dr. Cisternino has a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a second Bachelor degree in Human Biology. With his knowledge, he will help you get rid of that stubborn muscle pain.

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