Physical Medicine to maintain your lifestyle

Instead of treating only the symptom of the injury, functional rehabilitation aims to treat the root cause of the problem. An example of this would be pain down the arm due to a disc bulge. If only the symptoms of the arm are treated the problem will never be fixed. Once the disc bulge is addressed the symptoms in the arm can be properly treated.

Functional rehabilitation would look for these mechanical problems and treat them as well as the symptom of arm pain so that not only will you reduce your pain, but you can stay out of pain. Functional rehabilitation also uses techniques found in traditional physical therapy. Two of these techniques are strengthening and teaching proper mechanics. Combined these elements with functional rehabilitation and the result is a resetting of your biomechanics. Your body will be strengthened to hold your core muscles in the proper positions so that chronic pain will be lessened or even eliminated. When this happens you may find yourself back to full function and in control of your symptom.


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